From Bitcoin 0.10, the RedeemScript can be arbitrary, which means that with the script language of Bitcoin, you can create your own definition of what “ownership” means.

For example, I can give money to whoever knows either my date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) serialized in UTF-8 or the private key of 1KF8kUVHK42XzgcmJF4Lxz4wcL5WDL97PB.

The details of the script language are out of scope. You can easily find the documentation on various websites. The Bitcoin script language is a stack based language so everyone having done some assembler should be able to read it.

Note: (nopara73) I find Davide De Rosa's tutorial as the most enjoyable one.

So first, let’s build the RedeemScript,

Note: For this code to work right click References -> Add Reference... -> Find System.Numerics

BitcoinAddress address = BitcoinAddress.Create("1KF8kUVHK42XzgcmJF4Lxz4wcL5WDL97PB", Network.Main);
var birth = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("18/07/1988");
var birthHash = Hashes.DoubleSHA256(birth);
Script redeemScript = new Script(
    "OP_IF "
        + "OP_HASH256 " + Op.GetPushOp(birthHash.ToBytes()) + " OP_EQUAL " +
    "OP_ELSE "
        + address.ScriptPubKey + " " +

This RedeemScript means that there are 2 ways of spending such ScriptCoin: Either you know the data that gives birthHash (my birthdate) or you own the bitcoin address.

Let’s say I sent money to such redeemScript:

var tx = Network.Main.CreateTransaction();
tx.Outputs.Add(Money.Parse("0.0001"), redeemScript.Hash);
ScriptCoin scriptCoin = tx.Outputs.AsCoins().First().ToScriptCoin(redeemScript);

So let’s create a transaction that wants to spend such output:

//Create spending transaction
Transaction spending = Network.Main.CreateTransaction();
spending.AddInput(new TxIn(new OutPoint(tx, 0)));

The first option is to know my birth date and to prove it in the scriptSig:

////Option 1 : Spender knows my birthdate
Op pushBirthdate = Op.GetPushOp(birth);
Op selectIf = OpcodeType.OP_1; //go to if
Op redeemBytes = Op.GetPushOp(redeemScript.ToBytes());
Script scriptSig = new Script(pushBirthdate, selectIf, redeemBytes);
spending.Inputs[0].ScriptSig = scriptSig;

You can see that in the scriptSig I push OP_1 so I enter in the OP_IF of my RedeemScript. Since there is no backed-in template, for creating such scriptSig, you can see how to build a P2SH scriptSig by hand.

Then you can check that the scriptSig proves the ownership of the scriptPubKey:

//Verify the script pass
var result = spending
Console.WriteLine(result); // True

The second way of spending the coin is by proving ownership of 1KF8kUVHK42XzgcmJF4Lxz4wcL5WDL97PB.

////Option 2 : Spender knows my private key
BitcoinSecret secret = new BitcoinSecret("...", Network.Mainnet);
var sig = spending.SignInput(secret, scriptCoin);
var p2pkhProof = PayToPubkeyHashTemplate
    .GenerateScriptSig(sig, secret.PrivateKey.PubKey);
selectIf = OpcodeType.OP_0; //go to else
scriptSig = p2pkhProof + selectIf + redeemBytes;
spending.Inputs[0].ScriptSig = scriptSig;

And ownership is also proven:

//Verify the script pass
result = spending
Console.WriteLine(result); // True

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