Why C#?

The .NET framework is popular in corporate environments. We also believe this is the perfect tool for startups and hobbyists.

  • You can create portable code that functions across iOS, Android, Windows tablets/phones, desktops, servers and embedded devices, for free.

  • Everything from the compiler to the core runtime is open source.

  • The BizSpark program allows any startup to get all Microsoft tools, including $150/month of Azure service, for free.

  • Visual Studio Community 2015 is a professional grade IDE that you can use freely as a hobbyist.

  • C# is closely related to Java and C++. As such, it can be easily read by a big base of developers.

  • Nicolas Dorier, one of the authors of this book, created the most popular Bitcoin Framework for .NET, called NBitcoin.

  • Every person I met who learned about C# will tell you it is the best language out there, even if it is not the one they are using at the moment.

  • Recent Benchmark place .net Core C# performance way ahead of Java in almost every area. See for yourself C# vs Java Benchmark

The authors of this book have over 15 years combined experience with C#. It is our go-to language for any project for fun or profit.

Fact: We have not been paid by Microsoft. It’s not too late to change that.

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