Why Blockchain Programming and not Bitcoin Programming?

The Blockchain is to Bitcoin as gold is to jewelry.
We did not compare a bitcoin to a gold coin, but rather to jewelry. That’s because gold’s first killer app was jewelry. Coins came later.
Do not be fooled into thinking that Bitcoin is flawed while the Blockchain is valuable. If gold is valuable, would you throw away a gold necklace? The Blockchain is built on and thrives because of Bitcoin. Any increase in value of the Blockchain will increase the amount of bitcoins that is spent to use it, which will increase its demand.
Whether or not your app will use the “Bitcoin as a currency” feature is your own decision.
Blockchain is the raw material. Bitcoin is the fuel. Bitcoin as a currency is a feature that emerges every time someone thinks this fuel is also a good medium of exchange. You can do a lot more with the Blockchain than exchange value. You don’t even have to believe in the currency. We will show you how to use Bitcoin as a currency in this book, but that’s not all!
Last modified 5yr ago