Second (Community) Edition

(nopara73) I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013. At the time people were constantly talking about the infinite opportunities for software developers in the space, but I got none of that. Every time I tried to build something, I bumped into walls, countless missing building blocks and I found myself doing endless work that was needed to be done before I could even start working on my ideas.

Fast forward a few years I noticed someone has already done this work. Someone has finally broken down the crypto voodoo into object oriented niceness, and called it NBitcoin. It is an open source and cross platform Bitcoin library, written in .NET/C#. But this code wasn't just thrown out in the wild. The mysterious creator even wrote a book about it! And here was I, I got everything I wished for, I got the chance to work with a powerful, well documented Bitcoin library in my favorite programming language.

But my excitement and severe Bitcoin addiction did not let me stop here. I contacted the French gentleman and I found myself on a flight heading towards the mysterious and exotic Far East, to Tokyo/Japan, so I can fully devote myself to studying the Art of Bitcoin Development under the guidance of Nicolas Dorier until my savings run out and I have to find a job.

This move resulted in the Second Edition of the book that you are reading right now, and also in a very messy room as I could not even find time to unpack my luggages.

Oh, yes... about the book... Compared to the first edition, I have updated it by introducing Nicolas' latest works, fixed a bunch of typos, and left just as many, zoomed into parts of it and expanded upon them in order to make it understandable by mere mortals like me and last but not least I ported all of it to GitHub, so now the community itself can get involved in the development and maintenance of the book.

If I had to describe the book in one sentence it would be this one: Let's not talk Bitcoin, let's do Bitcoin!

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