Second (Community) Edition

(nopara73) I got sucked into Bitcoin in 2013. At the time everyone was talking about the countless great opportunities for developers, but I was not able to catch any of them. Every time I tried to do any coding, I encountered countless walls, countless missing pieces and tremendous amount of work that is needed to be done before I could even start working on my idea.

A few years later I have pleasantly noticed someone has already done the work I talked about. Someone has finally broken down the crypto voodoo into object oriented niceness. My excitement has further grown when I realized Nicolas Dorier's C# library is the biggest, most complete Bitcoin library out there and it is working on every platform. More, he even wrote a book around it! So now I have the chance to work with the most powerful, best documented Bitcoin library up to date in my favorite programming language.

But my excitement, Bitcoin addiction and risk-taking personality did not let me stop here. I contacted Nicolas, and long story short, a month ago I found myself on a plane, flying to Tokyo to fully devote myself to Bitcoin, learning under the guidance of Nicolas until my savings run out and I have to find a job. So far it resulted in the second edition of this book, and a very messy room, since I was not able to find time to unpack my luggage. What is more astonishing by knowing I am a neat-freak.

Oh, yes... the book. Compared to the first edition, I have updated it by introducing Nicolas' latest works, fixed a bunch of typos (and left just as much), extended it in many places in order to make it understandable by humans and last but not least I have ported all of it to GitHub / Gitbook, so now the community itself will be able to get involved to the book development.

If I had to describe the book in one sentence it would be this one: Let's not talk Bitcoin, let's do Bitcoin!